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Kirsten Tradowsky

An intermission or break between parts is a continuous theme within all of my paintings.  I am interested in the moment that an object fumbles in uncertainty or unfamiliar territory.  Current time is linked to the past by flickering memories, by the time one tries to pin down or identify a moment it has already changed.  In an intermission objects mingle and then fall into any chosen location, I wish for the viewer to find comfort and awareness within these intangible events.

Kirsten Tradowsky was born in 1980 and grew up in an artist family in Kirtland Ohio.   In 2003, she received her BFA in Painting from the Cleveland Institute of Art.  Inspired by the culture of the city, she later moved to San Francisco and received her MFA in Painting and Drawing from The California College of the Arts in 2006.  She attended the Rose and Claire Residencies in Cipressaia, Italy and in Oakland California.  She was granted the Murphy and Cadogan Fellowship Award in the Fine Arts in 2005 and has had her paintings published in New American Paintings, Oxford American and Wallpaper Magazines.  Recently she designed the artwork for the published album Watercolor Day by pop artist Seth Swirsky and was in the show “This is My Education” at Art in General Gallery in New York City.  She is currently represented by Geras Tousignant Gallery in Palm Springs, California and lives and works in San Francisco. 

kirsten miniature 2
September 1967
Three Friends 1957
The Riviera Hotel (Patsy Cline).
Aerial Tramway
Palm Springs Gas Station
Tonga Portrait, 1960
The Lone Palm Hotel, 1957
Swimming at Mira Loma, 1964
Coctail Party, 1962
Desert Shores
Signature Room
Mira Loma Retreat
Gathering Under Umbrella
Picnic, 1956
Hotel LaFonda
The City National Bank
Poolside, 1968
Under the palms
Desert Hot Springs
Afternoon at poolside, 1958
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