Title: Sedona Lidded Jar

miniature jar with 1" tall lid and glaze made from Sedona, Arizona minerals.

Tanner Sawitz

3" x 3"


My obsession with wheel-thrown forms led me to making miniatures, and I began creating these smaller, more intricate shapes exclusively.  Several years later, my father, Jerry Sawitz, and I started to experiment with crystal or crystalline glazes, eventually devoting our entire ceramic craft to crystal.


Everything I make is hand-thrown porcelain, miniature, and crystal-glazed with glazes my father and I develop and mix ourselves.  I am drawn to these tiny, sparkling objects in a way I can’t describe; opening the kiln after a crystal fire can be like Christmas morning for a child, filled with excitement and anticipation that is hard to find anywhere else.

Sedona Lidded Jar


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