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Dan Tu

“My passion is the paint in painting -- thick contours of the textures; blending streaks of multiple colors; shadows and glares of the brush-marks.  Abstract the complex down to simple shapes.  Articulate the bland with lively strokes.  While I pursue realistic and figurative painting, disclosure of the subject is not my intent.  Even with the ordinary and mundane, I want to captivate, compel, excite.  The worst is to bore the audience.  The best is when they return.”     Dan Tu

Dan Tu is born from a family of Artists.  His main influence and mentor is his father, Zhiwei Tu. Dan's grandfather, YiChuan Hu, was the former president of GuangZhou Art Academy and many of his relatives are still or once were faculties of the academy.  Being brought up within the confines of the academy, Dan's upbringing, pastime, and passion were always heavily focused in art. After migrating to America, Dan gained a Bachelor of Science in computer engineering and thus obtained a job with Intel Corporation in Silicon Valley.  But his passion never strayed far from art. In 2007, Dan started to pursue a Masters of Art degree with San Francisco Academy of Art. Today he is blossoming into the identity he once envisioned as a child.

CV upon Request

Wisconsin Frost
Dinner Selections
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