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No Men Allowed I
No Men Allowed II
Diva Lounging in Hell I
Diva Lounging In Hell II
Diva Lounging In Hell III
Down In The City I
Down In The City II
Eat Here Or Take Out
Girls With Sea Urchin
Good Hair Day
Taco Anyone?
Take Me To Your Leader I
Take Me To Your Leader II

All my work is Shot with my 2 1/4"  medium format Hasselblad Camera. Hand Processed film

- James Scott Geras 

“Fixation, the directing and focusing of the eyes on a point, a preoccupation. The thoughts and images that arise in the middle of the night. Mental foreplay - All of these themes and more are explored in this collection by artist James Scott Geras”  


Controversial voyeuristic and playfully erotic, artist James Scott Geras has challenged the fine art photography conventions of the day emerging as one of the hottest artists of his generation. - Arts And Entertainment Magazine

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