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All my work is Shot with my 2 1/4"  medium format Hasselblad Camera. Hand Processed film

- James Scott Geras 

"Geras’s portfolio of winter landscapes, which includes views primarily from France, but also locales from the Pacific Northwest and Northeast, was published in book form through his gallery. Geras is currently working on two new projects scheduled for publication – one is on floral, the other on the nude. “Landscape and florals have been my primary passion all along,” remarks Geras, who is shooting his Florals in a studio setting to maximize technical control. As a fine art and freelance photographer, Geras has exhibited internationally in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Barcelona and Tokyo. His commercial clients include Dolce & Gabbana, Louis Vuitton, Burberry, Ralph Lauren, Cosmopolitan, Architectural Digest, Vogue, and Vanity Fair. To name just a few of his impressive and long list of commercial and celebrity clients.  “I like my pictures to tell stories, and I want people to see their own story in them,” says Geras of his artistic goals. “I have learned at an early age that not all things are exactly as they seem. Although my work has evolved through the years, there’s one aspect that has remained consistent. That there’s no constant and that reality is always just beyond the boundary of imagination. As such, my work is a reflection of my life, and continues to be a work in progress.”

- Richard Pitnick for Black and White Magazine, Issue 32, August 

Whitefield I
Whitefield II
Whitefield III
Whitefield IV
Whitefield V
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