Title: Single Tree/Double Tree Pair                                    Shown above Framed Canvas style option 





These limited edition prints are the finest, most desirable Daniel Tousignant Prints available. Our Reproduction process captures not only the color and mood of Daniel’s original painting but the actual brushwork as well. Every canvas piece is hand-retouched, signed, and numbered by Daniel Tousignant himself, giving the painting a look almost identical to the artist’s on-easel original. Each pair comes registered with the National Fine Art Title Registration, & certificate of Authenticity. 

We call this the “Master Edition”

The Master Edition is the ultimate expression of detail, artist involvement, and collectability of any edition issued.


Canvas: Using acid-free, museum quality canvas, every Daniel Tousignant Limited Edition canvas Mater Edition is hand-retouched, and top varnished by Daniel Tousignant.


Comprised of Daniel Tousignant’s most sought after images, the Geras Tousignant Gallery is proud to introduce the first in the series from his Iconic “Single Tree/Double Tree” collection.



Elegantly framed with museum quality materials offering to frame in Three different styles.

FLOAT FRAME: Modern Float mount framing, Wood & Linen sturdy real wood structure with a soft touch of linen. In three colors: White, Black, Expresso.


With a choice of Deep or Wide Wide Frame: 1.25”  wide x 0.75” deep Deep: 0.75” wide x 1.25” deep Strong Back: Ready to hang – stainless steel mount included. Solid – nothing moves. Spacers are included to ensure frames hang flush on the wall. 


FRAMED CANVAS: Real Solid Wood Frame, Veneer-less 1.25” thick real solid wood, Black, white, Maple, Expresso. Thick hand-stretched canvas. Strong Back: Ready to hand – stainless steel mount included. Solid – nothing moves. Spacers are included to ensure frames hang flush with the wall.  

Frame style shown above: Float frame option with linen backing. 

all images copyrighted by Geras Tousignant Gallery 

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