Titel: 143p, gelatin silver print, edition strictly limited to 20 prints only. 

signed, numbered, titled in pencil on the back. 


"The idea is the same as my 1967 work, but the technique is much more refined.  I have converted my barn into a photography studio, and have constructed and installed a 3-meter double pendulum.  The pendulum consists of a 40-pound piece of steel, suspended by a steel cable.  The neon bulb has been replaced with an LED, and the camera is a large-format 4 x 5 inch sheet film camera.   Working at night in total darkness, the camera looks straight up, and is focused on the LED.  The pendulum is then placed in motion, and a time exposure is made as the LED traces out the pendulum’s path.  Depending on the way the pendulum is suspended, and on the particular path it is started in, the LED “paints” a unique image." - Paul Wainwright



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