Chris G. Kempton

"Through color and texture I recreate my emotions and feelings from whatever place my soul exists in during that moment. The different color pallets I use stimulate me to endure through my journey of life and art. My work represents, power, struggle, pain, love, light and endurance. An abstract expressionist is who and what I am." My art is inspired by my childhood, education, my service to this country and my everyday experiences as I navigate through this journey of life. My art is a representation of who I am with each piece I produce.

Abstract expressionist Chris G. Kempton who was born in Queens New York,  grew up in Washington DC and now resides in Palm Springs California 
a veteran of the United States Navy. Raised by a mother who was an artist, this is the path  that is very much a part of him.  Featured Artist with Filtered Deluxe Recordings, a recording label out of Orlando Florida.

Trying To Find A Balance
A Bid Farewell
About Last Night
This Years Love
Storybook Dreams And White Noise
Under A Palm Springs Moon
Man Without a Face
Solid Ground
Trapped Under Ice
Trans Pride Series 1
Trans Pride Series 2
Trans Pride Series 3
Trans Pride Series 4
Trans Pride Series 5
Stay Gold
Silver And Cold
PS I Love You
My Own Abyss
What It Is To Burn
Boiling Point
Heart Of Flames
The Fire Inside
The Color Of Money
Reaching For The Sky
When Darkness Falls
Through The Trees

Artist: Chris G. Kempton