Carly Rosin

All I’ve ever wanted was a place to belong. A place where I can seamlessly fit in with the space around me. Every time I move to a new place with new people, it’s always just another place where I don’t belong. But when I have a camera, suddenly I belong. No matter where I am.  I have a purpose, and finally my skin doesn’t feel too small. It doesn’t hurt anymore to fill the space around me. And I fit exactly where I am. I am right sized. And perfect. It’s different to see how people act from behind the lens. 

I love to witness those differences. Sometimes they act for me, and sometimes they show who they truly are. That’s what I search for. That’s what I wait for. I wait for the ones who can see me through my lens.  

And make me hold my breath. And wait. Then... Click. And it’s mine. Forever. 

all images copyrighted by Geras Tousignant Gallery 

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