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Carly Rosin

All I’ve ever wanted was a place to belong. A place where I can seamlessly fit in with the space around me. Every time I move to a new place with new people, it’s always just another place where I don’t belong. But when I have a camera, suddenly I belong. No matter where I am.  I have a purpose, and finally my skin doesn’t feel too small. It doesn’t hurt anymore to fill the space around me. And I fit exactly where I am. I am right sized. And perfect. It’s different to see how people act from behind the lens. 

I love to witness those differences. Sometimes they act for me, and sometimes they show who they truly are. That’s what I search for. That’s what I wait for. I wait for the ones who can see me through my lens.  

And make me hold my breath. And wait. Then... Click. And it’s mine. Forever.