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L e o   M a r c u s

Leo Marcus was a dentist in upstate New York. Eleven years before retiring he started sculpting on anything he could get his hands  on: marble, granite, wood, and metal. At the same time, he found out he was slowly going blind. Most of his sculptures were done by the time he was either partially or completely blind. 

He was never formally trained, but after retirement, he moved to Maine and took some art classes at UMA. Upon his death in 2006, his children discovered over 1,000 works of art. He never sold his art but rather gave pieces away. Now they are in the possession of several Private and public collectors.


Man With Hat
Green Goddess
Stone Figure
Head On A Stick
Big Metal Head
Marble Figures
Red Devil
Metal Form
Stone Face
Holding Hands
Hole in Heart
Standing Pair
Small Granite Head
Head With Feet
Two Totems
Great Pair Of Legs
Wood Totem
Ebony Goddess
The Pitcher
Slate & Quartz Profile
Zig Zag Head
Boy With Dog
One Head Two Faces
Girl With Ponytail
Thin Man
Little Boy
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