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Marilyn Fiala

Satsang is a Sanskrit word that means “being with the truth.”  Truth is what is real, what exists.  Meditation is an active process lifting above thoughts, feelings, fears and mind chatter.  My spiritual life to which art belongs, is an exploration and experience of inner wholeness and an internal necessity to create.    This forward and upward movement is at the heart of the truth of human life and our true purpose here.  My work offers the opportunity for the viewer to catch the movement and experience the power of painting.


Using Meditation as a jumping off point these paintings explore the infinite levels of human consciousness. Pulsating, rhythmic layers that expand, contract and flow are what I have attempted to capture. I build up layers using different viscosities of oil and water based paint. I then remove them by sanding, scrubbing and scraping. My love of pattern, drawing and abstraction become integrated as I draw with graphite and paint the fine detail that becomes a floating net pattern.  This process is repeated over and over again until I achieve order and succinctness.

Satsang 1
Satsang 2
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