"The Artist is Ulysses when she travels and fills her eyes with wonder. She turns into Penelope when she closes the door of her studio and turns that wonder into art."


Born in Bologna, Italy, 1983.

After Graduating with a degree at the Academy of Fine Arts of Bologna, Penelope immediately began to travel the world with her pencils, camera, and colors to make artworks inspired by the different cultures and places she sees. The wonder of all travelers is the wonder of the children for the new world they are discovering: seeing things in new places is like seeing everyday things from a new perspective, and this is the wonder that inspires Penelope. The glass spheres that she uses in her artworks are a symbol for the stars, the celestial spheres, as they were called by the ancient Greeks. Stars and planets were considered to be the first sounds of nature: with their movement, every star and planet produced a note - Pythagoras said - and together they made the first Universal music. Penelope has realized a series of white glass spheres produced in Murano, Venice, Italy, that are decorated with pencil drawings and represent her last trip's places in California. Her installations of transparent crystal spheres are truly magical and perfect for any setting, creating a spot of light and lightness. 


Penelope has been recognized and shown in solo exhibitions in important venues, such as: 

The Italian Consulate in San Francisco (Italian Cultural Institute, California)

The Venice Biennale, in the Palazzo Dandolo, Hotel Danieli (Venezia, Italy) 

The International Museum and Library of Music (Bologna, Italy)

The Rotary Club (Cento, Ferrara, Italy)

And group shows in:

The Ringling Museum of Art (Sarasota, Florida)

London Art Week, in Galleria Fondantico at GALLERY 8

SeeMe Exhibition Space, New York city, USA.

Penelope is in several important private collections including:


DIANE KEATON, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA


HOTEL DANIELI, Venezia, Italy

LAMBORGHINI S.p.A., Bologna, Italy



Knightsbridge Restaurant Group, Washington D.C., USA

Luyckx Collection, Pretoria, South Africa

Kasuto Collection, Istanbul, Turkey

Penelope lives and works between Bologna, Italy and Florida.  

Penelope Chiara

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