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oil on panel, 4" x 4"

Single Cloud

  • D A N I E L    T O U S I G N A N T  

    Raised on a dairy farm in Minnesota, Tousignant started painting at the age of five. The unique spirit and energy of every scene he paints captures the subtleties of color and light. Daniel's work never fails to bring delight and wonder to its viewers.

    "I love recalling collective memories of peaceful landscapes, creating environments with open, expansive, clear horizons - an old tree, a vista of pastureland, and the distant billowing clouds of my lazy youth." - Daniel Tousignant

    His Botanicals refract light so beautifully that they become a natural medium for the luminous way that he sees and portrays his subjects. The pure, pigmented colors are layered and blended on custom-made black lacquered wood panels.

    In a review, Barcelona's Metropolitan Magazine described Tousignant's art as follows:

    "Looking at the work of San Francisco artist Daniel Tousignant is like staring at a freeze frame of the best dream you've ever had, and the effect is a sudden wash of chest-clutching happiness. The beauty evoked by his landscape is so intense that it elevates them into the realm of abstraction, even though on the surface they're utterly representative. There is some living depth, all the more fascinating for its hiddenness, breathing behind every leafy branch. The artist says that trees reflect the beauty and vulnerability of all living things. Maybe this vulnerability is what we see just under the surface of his canvasses, and what elicits such a visceral reaction to his work."

    Mr. Tousignant attended the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis College of Art and Design, Chicago Art Institute, Central School of Art in London, and the Royal Academy in London, England. Tousignant has exhibited in galleries throughout the US and recently in Barcelona, Spain. The artist received the 2008 Spectrum Honoree Award by the Access Institute, a nonprofit organization that supports affordable mental health services. Recent San Francisco public exhibitions of his work include: Bank of America, Transamerica Building, Parkmerced. His work has been featured in numerous publications including Marin Magazine, San Francisco Bay Guardian and Papercity Magazine.

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