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This art  is from the "Floral" Collection

artist: James Scott Geras 

title: "Tulip Study I & II" Archival framed

Dimensions 42.5" x 42.5" framed each

prints are 40" x 40" paper size with white border. 

price is for the Pair. signed and numbered by the artist

Edition Size 20

this set numbered 3/20 first set available UV Optix plexiglass 

archival pigment prints   

Retail framed for the pair: 4,400.


or by email or phone to reserve the piece: 


Details: Packing and shipping not included in the offer price.   

All my work is Shot with my 2 1/4" medium format Hasselblad Camera. Hand Processed film - James Scott Geras

"Floral photography is an art form which can transcend time and space. What can transform one person to a place they have previously visited, can just as easily transform another to a location they only dream of reaching. What stands out most in Geras’ Floral art form is that it captures your attention; the play of light and shadows pulling you from one end of the picture to the other."



Tulip I & II set frame

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