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Tanner Sawitz

I have been involved in ceramics for seven years, starting in my father’s high school class in Thousand Oaks, California.  My obsession with wheel-thrown forms led me to making miniatures, and I began creating these smaller, more intricate shapes exclusively.  Several years later, my father, Jerry Sawitz, and I started to experiment with crystal or crystalline glazes, eventually devoting our entire ceramic craft to crystal.


Everything I make is hand-thrown porcelain, miniature, and crystal-glazed with glazes my father and I develop and mix ourselves.  I am drawn to these tiny, sparkling objects in a way I can’t describe; opening the kiln after a crystal fire can be like Christmas morning for a child, filled with excitement and anticipation that is hard to find anywhere else.


I continue to practice my craft in Thousand Oaks, California, where I currently live.  There will always be something more to learn, and that’s the most exciting part.


I was born in Thousand Oaks in 1991, and moved back here after living in Orange County for a couple years for school.  While in college for film, I was able to get a job as the Lab Tech for the Chapman ceramics studio, where I worked for a year.


The only ceramics class I’ve ever taken was my father’s high school class.  I continued to learn after that, splitting my time between writing, film, and ceramics, under the tutelage of my father.


In any creative endeavor, there will always be something more to learn, and that’s the most exciting part.

Gold Granite Jar
Gold Granite and Copper lidded Jar
Gold Granite Bottle
Sedona Lidded Jar
Gold Granite and Copper Bottle
Gold Granite Lidded Jar
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