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Taylor Tschider

artist statement: "In this piece, the tumbler lock is representative of emotional insecurity. This insecurity is excessively masked or protected by the antlers, which fend off any keys that might attempt to unlock it." 

artist bio: "I was raised in Seattle, Washington where I was encouraged by my mother to explore my artistic endeavors at an early age as a painter. During my first two years of college I became fascinated by the process of creation, which led me to discover printmaking. However I soon became aware that by creating flat representations of my ideas, I was inhibiting my ability to create. I first became interested in making a transition to sculptural work while employed by my father, who is a skilled carpenter. His influence has guided me to the San Francisco Art Institute where I am currently enrolled in the BFA sculpture program."

My work can be described as a rearrangement of everyday reality. I seek to restructure ideas, iconic images, and function of objects in an attempt to evoke new meaning for the viewer. In order to meet this end, I combine assemblage of found objects with my own constructed materials.

My Trophy Keeps Me Safe, II
MY Trophy Keeps Me Safe, II
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